Valbona Valley National Park welcomed over 120,000 Albanian and international visitors during 2017. While most of the tourists head straight to the coast of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, a significant number of tourists prefer to visit those parts of the country that remained untouched. Valbona Valley along with Thethi National Park are becoming year-round destinations as visitors from all over the world come to experience nature and authentic traditions in Northern Albania. Many of them preferred to celebrate the end of year festivities in Valbona. It is a perfect destination for those who are looking for nature vacations, cultural heritage, and snow.

Photo Credit: Tropoja

These and a lot more is what the mountainous areas of Tropoja offer to visitors. Valbona Valley was proclaimed National Park in 1996 and it borders with Thethi National Park and Lumi i Gashit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The park is a great destination for outdoor adventure. Valbona River is the largest river in the Alps region and a tributary to Drin River. The crystal clear water of the river fascinates visitors, but, plans for Hydro Power Plants are posing threats to Valbona River and to the park.
The right way to reach Valbona is by ferry boat through Koman Lake. This is one of the top trips in Albania. Don’t miss this destination in 2018.

News Source: ATA
Photo Credit: Nentor Oseku